The latest all-electric off-road driving experience for the younger adventurer

New for 2019, we are delighted to introduce Crazi-Bugz®, an electric off-road driving experience like no other.

This all-electric off-road experience is the perfect test of skill and coordination, whilst providing great fun and a sense of freedom.These UK designed and built, mini, six-wheeled, all electric buggies will let younger adventurers whiz around a multitude of terrains giving them a taste of driving off-road in the real-world.

Suitable for ages 6 -16yrs.

Crazi-Bugz® is a high-tech electrically powered allterrain vehicle – with next generation safety features, unique communications interface, exhilarating game play technology. Leading the way in clean, low noise battery powered kids adventure and exploration activities. Feel free to get in touch for more details.

Crazi-Bugz® have been specifically designed and engineered in the UK for the younger all-terrain adventurer aged 6 years and upwards. Building the most fun and exhilarating product ever was the easy bit – keeping adults from wanting the try them is going to be the hard part!


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